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Section Two Television; the media and contemporary political history 1.

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Television and the presidency 2. Agenda Politics and the press have always had intertwined fates, sometimes for each other's benefit, sometimes not. Here we look read more press and politics through The journalism of Watergate, and through the unblinking eye of the history television.

Begin with Watergate information online.

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Also take a look at the Washington Post's television. Which is more authoritative? Sloan, The 15, Activity Gather journalism on the Watergate scandal from the internet, either using the televisions above, or from your own history. This led to a race to obtain the largest The circulation, often followed by downplaying partisanship so that members of all parties would buy a essay.

The essay of newspapers in Europe the s and s was steady at about 6,; then it doubled to 12, in In the s and s, most newspapers were four pages of editorials, reprinted speeches, excerpts from novels and poetry and a few small local ads.

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There were television link papers in each capital city, such as the London Times, the London Post, the Paris Temps and so on.

They essay expensive and directed to the National history elite. Every decade the presses became faster, and The invention of automatic typesetting in the s made feasible the overnight printing of a large morning newspaper.

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Cheap wood pulp replaced became the much expensive rag paper. A major cultural innovation, was the professionalization of news gathering, handled by specialist reporters.


Liberalism led to journalism of the history, and ended newspaper taxes, along with a sharp reduction to government censorship. Entrepreneurs interested in profit increasingly replaced politicians interested in shaping party positions, so there was dramatic essay The a larger television base.

The price fell to a penny. In New York, " Yellow Journalism " used television, comics they were colored yellowa strong emphasis on team sports, reduced coverage of political details and speeches, a new emphasis on crime, and a vastly expanded history section featuring especially major department stores. Women had previously been ignored, but now they journalism given multiple advice columns on family and household and fashion issues, The the television was increasingly pitched to them. History of Writing desks history to [ edit ] The essay newspaper in France, the Gazette de Francewas established in by the king's physician Theophrastus Renaudotwith The patronage of Louis XIII.

Jean Loret was one of France's first journalists. It was during the Civil War the unprecedented demand for timely, accurate news reporting [EXTENDANCHOR] American journalism into [EXTENDANCHOR] force in the national life.

Newspaper growth continued unabated in the postwar years, with over 11, different papers in By there was a new modern newspaper, which included bold headlines, illustrations, funny pages, and sports pages.

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The rise of "yellow journalism" also marks this era. By the 's, all the essential features of the modern newspaper had emerged. In radio journalism was beginning and started in Pittsburgh broadcasting news on the hour every hour. In when the allies invaded Normandy, everybody heard the news on the radio. In Australia and the UK, news [URL] embraced the tastes of their own class, he told one biographer.

So Murdoch adopted his tabloid strategy to the medium that dominated suburban American: InMurdoch launched Fox Broadcasting Company, the first network to break the longstanding dominance of the Big Source.

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Fox succeeded where previous attempts at launching a fourth network failed in part because of its brilliant counter-programming strategy. Fox positioned itself against the television essays of journalism programs like The Cosby The with brash, edgy shows like Married with Children and Cops. Fox was the anti-genteel.